Le RoseN°1905
Le MarronN°7568
Le GrisN°0421
Le VertN°7732

“A fragrance wraps around your wrist, or your neck, or maybe it’s just a wisp of scent on your ear lobe . . .
it becomes part of you, part of your signature.”

James de Givenchy
by James de Givenchy

James de Givenchy introduces Taffin Fragrance. Partnering with select perfumers, he is extracting nature’s  beauty to create a collection of contemporary fine fragrance.

Welcome to Taffin Fragrance by James de Givenchy.

The Taffin Legacy

Taffin: A family whose name dates back more than 700 years and includes musketeers, soldiers, lawyers and leaders, gourmands, couturiers, and yes, artists. As James de Givenchy says, “For me, naming my company Taffin is an honor.”